Eucharist (Communion)

Receiving the Eucharist, or Holy Communion, connects us with what we as Catholics know to be the “source and summit of Christian life”.  The Eucharist is the memorial of Jesus’ Paschal sacrifice for us, and by partaking in the re-presentation of that singular sacrifice for salvation of all, we are able to bear witness to the true physical presence of Jesus’ body and blood through the Eucharist, as well as participate fully in the Divinity that God has shared with us.

Eucharistic services are provided at all OLG Masses and available to anyone who has received this sacrament before.  For those who are homebound, special request may be made for Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministering, please inquire with the OLG Office or submit an online referral form.

Preparations for receiving 1st Eucharist are available for youth through CFF program once they are at least 1st grade age.  For those who are above the age of 13, the OLG RCIA program is available for those seeking this Sacrament.   Preparation for 1st Eucharist is traditionally a 2 year course of study, regardless if enrolled in CFF, OLG school sacramental program, or RCIA programs.

For more information on registering for Sacramental preparation, please submit an online referral form and Faith Formation team will contact you shortly.

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