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Catholics United to Protect and Support Women, Children, and Families – No on Proposition 1 – Every human life, including unborn human life, is unique and unrepeatable, a person with inherent dignity and an eternal destiny. The intentional taking of any innocent human life is a grave moral evil, and people of faith and goodwill have an obligation to protect human life and oppose all attacks against human life and dignity. In CA this year, voters are faced with a choice to keep abortion law in our state as it is or to vote in favor of a new constitutional amendment that would permanently expand and vastly increase abortions in our state, without doing anything to give vulnerable women a real choice. While we pray and work for the day when every human life, born and unborn, will be protected in law and welcomed in life, today we work to defeat this ballot initiative. To that end, we offer the following talking points that will unite people across California to oppose this extreme initiative. *** Sadly, California already has some of the most permissive abortion policies in the nation. Our law allows abortion for any reason up to viability (around 24 weeks of pregnancy) and late-term abortion to protect the life or health of the mother. Recent court decisions do not change that reality in California. This year, our governor and legislative leaders have vowed to make California an “abortion sanctuary.” They are making good on their promise through 20 bills expanding access to abortion and by allocating $200 million in the state budget to pay for abortions for women in California and those seeking abortion from out of state. The California Legislature put Proposition 1 on the November ballot — an extreme proposal that, if approved by voters, would over-ride current law and will permanently allow taxpayer-funded late-term abortions without limit.

Proposition 1 would remove current reasonable limits on late-term abortion and enshrine an “abortion sanctuary” in California. Proposition 1 is unnecessary to protect women’s health or their reproductive freedom. A “no” vote on Proposition 1 keeps existing California law on abortion the way it is now. Recent polling shows there is much common ground among voters in California on the abortion issue. Most voters oppose taxpayer-funded abortions and support reasonable limits on late-term abortions. A full 70% of California voters believe human life begins at viability or conception.

1. Most California Voters Oppose Late-Term Abortions A significant majority of California voters oppose late-term abortions and understand that there should be reasonable limits such as we have now. Prop 1 destroys these limits and will permit unrestricted abortion for any reason at any time — even up to the moment of birth. Most voters reject this.

2. Most California Voters Oppose Taxpayer-Funded Abortions With California taxpayers already facing soaring inflation, sky-high gas prices, and unaffordable housing, most voters oppose taxpayer funding for abortions, especially to pay the expenses for abortion-seekers from other states. The Legislature has already increased abortion funding by $200 million this year. If Proposition 1 passes, analysts predict that the number of abortion-seekers from other states coming to California could increase by tens of thousands — meaning millions more dollars will be needed.

3. Most California Voters Believe in Reproductive Equity Most California voters believe there should be parity and equal access to services for women seeking abortions and those who choose to be mothers. Prop 1 gives top funding priority to abortion seekers at the expense of families who struggle to pay for housing, groceries, gas, safe neighborhoods, healthcare and childcare.

Opposing Proposition 1 makes the most sense for Californians. Learn more about how to get involved below. www.NoProposition1.com

(Paid for by Pastor of Our Lady of Grace)

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