Reconciliation (Confession)

Reconciliation, or the sacrament of Confession as it can be referred, is sacrament of forgiveness and reconciliation between ourselves and God and His Holy Church.  Though we are cleansed of our sins through Baptism, the weakness of human nature can often lead us to sin, which weakens our relationship with God.  This sacrament, made possible by the endless fountain of mercy that God poured out for us through the blood of Jesus Christ, allows us to be forgiven our sins and reinforce our spiritual life and relationship with God via acts of penance and absolution.

Preparations for receiving 1st Reconciliation are available for youth through CFF program in tandem with 1st Eucharist or confirmation preparations.  For those who are above age of 13, the OLG RCIA program is available for those seeking this Sacrament for the first time.  Those who have already received the Sacrament for the first time and wishing to receive it again may attend OLG weekly Reconciliation Services (weekly Saturday, 4:45pm – 5:15pm), or through appointment inquiries with the OLG Parish Office (or submit an online referral form)

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