The Our Lady of Grace Ministries are here to help serve the OLG Community in a variety of ways.  As we strive to emulate Jesus’ role as Priest, Prophet, and King in our lives, so to do the volunteers of the OLG Ministry Commission strive to provide service for all.

Please consider offering up your gifts and time and talent by contributing to one of the many ministries that OLG has to offer.  Remember- “many hands make light the load,” and you will find Ministry Service both rewarding and spiritually uplifting!  There are a wide range of opportunities to choose from, including:

Parish management

Parish Council

The Parish Council is an advisory committee of parishioners who help our pastor in the development, affairs, and parishioner well-being. 

Finance Council

The finance council is responsible for the management and reporting of parish funds.

Faith Formation Ministries

The Faith Formation Commission Ministries are dedicated to the promoting ongoing life-long Faith Formation for all of our Brothers and Sisters through a variety of religious education programs.  Ministries include Catholic Faith Formation, Children’s Liturgy, RCIA, Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Marriage and Family Life, Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, and Vocations.

Our Faith Journey is a never-ending process, so where ever people may be in their faith formation, these Ministries strive to provide opportunities that meet needs of all types.  Come feed others (catechetical training will be provided) and find that you will be fed in the process!

Guided study and reflection of the Bible.

Meets: 3x per month, Tuesdays (Not the 1st Tues of
month) at Parish Center

Facilitation of liturgy of the Word for children at weekly masses.

No set meetings, only email coordination

Coordination and instruction of parish youth through receiving their Sacraments up to confirmation.

Meets: Every Tues at Our Lady of Grace School. Teacher meetings on 1st Tuesday of month after classes. 

Facilitate opportunities for families in the church to experience God’s love and mercy in the context of their relationships and their homes, and to provide credible witness. Help prepare couples for marriage and provides opportunities for married couples to keep their marriages strong.

Coordination and instruction of newcomers to the Catholic faith through receiving their Sacraments up to confirmation.

Meets: Thursdays weekly, on Our Lady of Grace School campus in the Parish Center.

Coordination and instruction of Parish high school age youth in receiving their Sacraments through confirmation.

Meets: Sunday weekly, Parish Rectory at 10 a.m.

Planning and facilitation of the yearly VBS Bible camp event for parish youth in the

Meets: no regular meetings other than yearly planning.

Revelations Young Adults main mission is to “Reveal the Light of Christ to ourselves, to each other, and to the whole world.”

Meets: 2nd and 4th Fridays each month.

Providing space for spiritual growth and discovery with other parish high school age

Meets: Every other Sunday at
Our Lady of Grace School gym, 6pm.

Planning meeting monthly

Liturgy & Worship

Join a Liturgy Commission Ministry and participate directly in the facilitation of the Liturgy and celebration of Mass for our congregation!  Ministries include Music Ministry/Choir, Altar Servers, Lectors/Commentators, Sacristans, Ushers, and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.

The Liturgy is a foundational practice of our lives as Catholics- come volunteer and help the beauty of the Liturgy come alive for everyone at Our Lady of Grace!

Scheduling and facilitation of monthly Adoration services of the Blessed Sacrament for the parish.

Meets: No planning meetings, Adoration held 1st Friday of each month at the church.

Décor and appropriate beautification of the Altar throughout the liturgical year.

Provides training and schedules for altar servers for weekly masses.

Meets: No set meetings, only email/print coordination for schedules. 

Prayer group for the purpose of gaining knowledge, understanding, and openness to the charismatic gifts of the Holy spirit, as well as helping to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Meets: Not meeting at this time.  Check back for when the ministry resumes meeting in the future.

Provides training and schedules for readers and announcements for weekly masses.

Meets: no set meetings, only email/print coordination for schedules. 

Provides training and schedules for Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers for weekly masses.

Meets: only meets prior to Mass, no other prep meetings. 

Assists in arranging for sacramental care for those in homebound situations.

Prayer group opportunity for those needing special prayer or intentions.

Meets: Weekly Tuesdays at Our Lady of Grace church. 

Provides musicians/singers for weekly masses.

Meets: No set meetings, only
coordination for schedules. 

Coordination of collection and processing of weekly offerings.

Meets: Every Monday mornings at Our Lady of Grace church rectory.

Assists in management of sacramental relics and set up for masses.

Meets: Only meets prior to Mass, no other prep meetings.

Provides ushers to guide congregation to seats and offertory collection for weekly Masses.

Meets: Only meets prior to Mass, no other prep meetings.

SERVICE Ministries

The Service Commission Ministries cater to parishioner needs of all types.  Ministries include Homeless Ministries (St. Vincent de Paul), Knights of Columbus, Mom’s Ministry, Women’s Council, Facilities/Maintenance, Bereavement, Respect Life, Mother of Perpetual Help, Security and Safety Committee, and Mercy Coalition.

The Service Ministries offer a tangible way that we can go out into the world and make a difference, proclaiming the good news of the Gospel and living those values every day.  Join a Service Ministry today and see the difference it can make in not just the lives of others, but your own as well!

Support group and counseling for those in mourning.

Logistical support for Parish facilities.

Meets: No set meetings, only email coordination. Business tracked during Parish Council meetings. 

Boy Scouts of America sponsored troop for West Sacramento.

Meets: Dens meet weekly
various locations. Leadership
meet monthly.

Support and fellowship group for Our Lady of Grace School’s dads, providing service for school affairs.

Scheduling rotating hosting of Holy visages to parishioner homes for period of Novena rosary prayer.

Coordination of Lenten-specific prayer and observance of Stations of the Cross, hosted by rotating parish ministries.

Meets: No meeting, coordinated. Weekly coverage during Lent. 

Girl Scouts of America sponsored troop. 

Meets: Biweekly

Provides support and aid to homeless community in West Sacramento.

Meets: Monthly at Our Lady of Grace church in the rectory.

Scheduling of fellowship/ hospitality snacks after summer season masses.

Meets: No meeting, coordinated weekly coverage after Mass during summer months.

SERVICE Ministries​

Charitable Catholic organization servicing Our Lady of Grace parish and community at large.

Meets: Twice monthly on the Our Lady of Grace School grounds in the Parish Center. 

Confederation of West Sac parishes aiding the poor, including meals and warming centers.

Meets: No scheduled meetings.  

Providing space for spiritual growth and discovery with other parish mom’s while providing services and charitable works to Our Lady of Grace parish and school.

Meets:3rd Sundays Monthly, Parish Center.

Devotional prayer group with intentions for those in need and ongoing intercession prayer.

Meets: Meets Wednesday for Novena and planning.

Ministry aimed to raise awareness and respect for sanctity of life through prayer, demonstration, and support for all.

Meets: Monthly

Providing facility security and parishioner first aid during masses. Working to ensure that all parishioners have support and safety. 

Meets: TBD

Provides technical support and audio video support for the parish and weekly streaming of Mass. 

Meets: TBD

Our Lady of Grace Parishioners focused on leading outreach and support welcoming environment.

Meets: Quarterly

Organization that supports, empowers and educates all women in and out of the parish in spirituality, leadership and service.

Meets: 1st Tuesday of each month at 7pm on the Our Lary of Grace School campus in the Parish center. 

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